Our List of Local Producers & Growers

Inland Northwest Dairies: North Spokane (Visited on 1/21/2008)
Milk, Cream
Lessons Learned:They get their milkfrom Inland Northwest farmers. Most Darigold products come from the west side of the state. Western Family, Yokes, Broadview Dairy, Home Dairies brands are packaged here and all are the same milk. It is employee owned. Go here for the feature post on milk.

Wilcox Dairy: Cheney
Organic Milk Products
As of February 2008 they are closing the Roy, Washington plant due to profitability issues. The Cheney plant, opened in 1997, is sill profitable and going strong. You can get their milk at a good price at Costco. Go here for the feature post on milk.

De Leon Foods: North Spokane, Visited on 1/21/2008
Tortillas, Salsa, Guacamole made in the store
Lessons Learned: Their tortillas are fresh and tasty, especially the corn. Not sure where they get the grains for their tortillas. Update: Angela, the Liberty Lake Farmer's Market manager tells me they get their flour from Shepherd's Grain. Go here for our feature post on De Leon.

Susie-David’s Cattle: Mt. St. Michael, North Spokane
Eggs & Grass fed beef
Lessons Learned: Dave pastures grass fed cattle in north Spokane and has farm fresh eggs as well. The ground beef is great for burgers and we've tried the round steak as well. We're not big beef eaters but we have noticed that the grass finished process gives it a tasty flavor and studies show it makes it lower in saturated fat as well. You don't need a bunch of steak sauce to enjoy it. Dave sells at the Millwood Farmers' Market, the South Perry Farmers Market, Liberty Lake Farmers' Market and Humble Earth Farmers Market.

Rocky Ridge Ranch: Reardan, WA
Chicken Eggs, Duck Eggs, Chicken, Pork
Here's our feature post on Gary & So.

Evergreen Produce: Moyie Springs, Idaho
Alfalfa Sprouts

Siemers Farm: Greenbluff, WA
Winter Squash & Carrots

Laughing Dog Brewery: Ponderay, ID

Mary Lou’s Ice Cream & Mary Lou's Milk Bottle: Spokane Valley & Garland District
Ice Cream and short order restaurant
The Milk Bottle restaurant is a lot of fun with good hearty food. The ice cream is good, but a bit too creamy for us. It leaves a film in your mouth, but the kids love it. We like just making our own ice cream.

WSU Creamery: Pullman, WA
Based on our limited research, this is the only cheddar type cheese made in the Inland Northwest. There are some artisan goat cheese makers, and bunch of west side cheese makers, but nothing in Eastern Washington or Northern Idaho. Thailand is not known for it's cheeses. Cougar Gold is comparable to Tillamook White Cheddar. It is expensive though - $18 at the creamery in

Arabesque Artisan Bread: Spokane
Tom & Louise make some great breads and pastries. Go here for our feature post on Arabesque.

Montana Milling Company: Missoula, Montana

ADM Continental Mills: Spokane Valley
See feature post.

Columbia Bean and Produce Company: Moses Lake, WA
Peas, Beans, dried goods

Tommas Hammer: Spokane Valley
Coffee Roasters

Cravens Coffee: Spokane
Coffee Roasters

Pasta USA: Spokane
Betty Baker Pasta, Italian Kitchen Pasta

Tate’s Honey Farm: Pasadena Park. Spokane

Powers Candy: North Spokane
Nuts & Trail Mixes

Latah Creek Winery: Spokane Valley

Arbor Crest Winery: Spokane Valley

Tulia's Pasta Sauce: Spokane Valley
Tomato Sauce

We'll Keep updating this list as we go. Feel free to make suggestions below in the comments section.