Will you be my Valentine...even if I use Halloween candy?

Mouse This week we made around 50 valentines cards for our daughters' classmates. We found the lollipop mouse at FamilyFun.com.  We had a bunch of lollipops left over from Halloween. We used Nancy's scrap booking construction paper that she hasn't used since Noel was born 8 years ago. Not being able to buy new stuff is forcing us to discover the cupboards full of stuff we already have. It's also forcing us to spend more time working alongside our girls creating things side by side.

I had to go to the grocery store on Valentine's Day and there was a mad rush of buying balloons and flowers. It felt great to not be caught up in that, knowing that I couldn't buy any of that stuff based on our rules. Part of our experience is learning that there is a dominant set of consumption rules that we unkowingly live with and that it's OK and in fact deeply satisfying to live by a different set of rules. Nancy assures me that she is more secure in my love for her seeing me spend two hours helping make Valentine's cards with the kids, than spending five minutes picking out roses from Mexico.

Nancy confesses that she does miss the chocolates.