Buck Knife Birthday

BuckknivesbearThe story these days is usually about manufacturing operations moving overseas. Buck Knives is one of the exceptions to that rule. They recently resettled their factory from San Diego to Post Falls Idaho. I remember the current CEO telling our Rotary group about their decision. He said ultimately it didn't feel right for such an iconic Amercian product to become a marketing company that outsources manufacturing. That's a bonus for us, because it gives us a great local product for gifts. I hope our parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, and friends have always wanted a Buck Knife because they are probably going to get one this year.

A member of the church works at the factory so Nancy and the girls made a special trip for my birthday to get me a classic Buck Knife hand engraved by Chuck Buck himself. (What a cool name!) The picture is taken on the second floor balcony that gives you a full view of the manufacturing floor. They did find out that some of the multi-tools are from their factory in China but the classic 110 hunting knife is made right here. Thanks Buck Knives for staying local.

Notes from Noel: I liked all the animals on the walls, especially the wild boar.

Notes from Lily: I liked the knife with the deer carved in the blade of the knife.

Notes from Mommy: I know Craig's not a hunter but our friend recommended the 110 as a great multi-purpose knife for fishing and camping.