Inland Northwest Seeds

SeedsI was a little worried about where we were going to get locally grown vegetable seeds so I was pleased to find out about Irish Eyes Garden Seeds in Ellensberg, WA. Northwest Seed and Pet has a good selection of their seeds and you can also order them online. According to Irish Eyes web site they recently moved to Ellensberg from the Bitteroot Valley of Montana. Here's their description of where their seeds come from;

"Many people are interested in where our seeds come from and whether they are organically grown. Some are surprised that we don't grow all of our own seeds. Most garden seed companies don't produce any of their own seed...

We are one of the very few garden seed companies that produce a sizeable portion of its own seeds and sell it in quantity. Most of the seed we grow and the seed that we contract other growers around the region to produce for are organically grown. Those products listed in our online catalogs that are organically grown have the word "Organic" next to the name. The seeds we purchase from other firms are the best we can obtain and have been trialed in this climate. All the seed we sell is untreated."

If you want to ensure that you are buying locally sourced seed in the Inland Northwest you should go with the organic. I don't quite understand the benefit of organic seed. I thought most of the benefit of organicy stuff has to do with the way it is grown. I know I could google it or wiki it and find out but this gives me an excuse to ask a question and lure you into making a comment. :)