Rocket Bakery to the Rescue

NoelmiiNoel saw that Lily was featured in a previous post and protested that her voice should also be heard. Fair enough.

The day after Lily had her melt down, Noel had a crisis of her own. She came home with the fundraising packet from Pasadena Park elementary. The students will be selling Otis Spunkmeyer frozen cookie dough for $14 a bucket, with half the proceeds going to purchase supplies for classrooms. Every day of our "Year of Plenty" seems to bring a, "We never thought about that" moment. This was definitely one of them. In the past we have always purchased a couple buckets of the sweet goo and, with a tinge of "I'm a parent so I have to do this stuff" shame, invited our friends and family to buy some too. According to our rules we can't buy any buckets this year and we never even thought about being in the position of selling non-local stuff. I initially told Noel I would just write a check to the school to support the fundraiser. That was easy enough until Noel unveiled the shiny brochure with all the prizes you get with different levels of sales prowess. The thought of missing out on the cheap trinkets from China crushed her spirit. The thought that I was raising my daughter in such a way that her spirit could be crushed by missing out on a .50 cent plastic caribiner am radio crushed my spirit. This little crisis led us to a wholly unexpected and satisfying resolution.

Noel and I went online and did a little research on Otis Spunkmeyer. Turns out Otis is not a real person, but a name made up by the founder's 12 year old daughter. It's hard to have a relationship with a made up person. So I asked Noel what she would think if we sold stuff from someone we do know, a local business. The Rocket Bakery was the first thing that came to mind. Jeff & Julia Postelwait, owners of the Rocket, are real people that we know, and everyone we know loves the Rocket Bakery. We decided that we would ask the Postelwait's if we could sell $10 Rocket cards and have them make a donation to the school for every card we sell. (By the way everyone should own a Rocket Card. You get 10% off on all drinks when you use a Rocket card instead of cash and you can just keep adding money to the card as you go.) While I was reluctant to ask friends to buy cookie dough, I'm actually excited to go door to door with Noel spreading the gospel of fresh baked cinnnamon rolls, knowing that we are supporting a local business, selling something that people will really want, and raising money for Noel's classroom.

But what about the prizes. Well we went online again and came up with some prizes that fit within our plan. We settled on a Mancala board game, hand made by a hill tribe in Thailand. That's a whole other story. See About Our Year for an explanation of the Thailand connection.

So, let the Goodwin family/Pasadena Park elementary fundraising campaign begin. Jeff has given us the green light. Let us know if you want to buy a $10 Rocket card for $10, and the Rocket Bakery will make a $1 donation to  Mrs. Reischmans second grade class at Pasadena Park elementary for every card we sell.