Close Encounters of the Gardening Kind

Close_encounters_4Do you remember that scene in the movie, "Close Encounters of the Third Kind", when Richard Dreyfuss throws various parts of his yard and house into the living room to build a mountain? The joke around the Goodwin house this weekend is that I have arrived at my "Close Encounters", mountain in the living room moment.

You see, Noel and Lily and I sat down a couple weeks ago and we had this crazy idea to tear up our lawn and build a garden maze with a little grassy play area inside the maze. Nancy was amused when we showed her our plans, but I don't think she took them seriously until today, when the girls and I rolled up the sod like sleeping bags and hammered stakes in the ground with the precision of a seasoned survey crew.

Noel_whole_yard_3We're going to call it the "Year of Plenty Community Garden". We don't really need 2,000 square feet of garden for ourselves, so we asked a couple of friends who can't have a garden, to take a couple of rows and plant what they like. I'm a little worried about the weeds that will start plotting their attack tonight, now that there is bare ground where the grass used to be, but I don't think we'll miss the lawn much. The mowing, the fertilizing, the invasive clover tentacles, brown spots that never go away no matter how much I water them, the dandelions, etc. Come to think of it, now that we're not "chemically treating" the dandelions, I think we'll just eat them. I hear their leaves are kind of like Mustard Greens.

We haven't figured out where to put the mountain of sod yet. Maybe the living room?