"hormone free poultry in Thailand" and other deep thoughts

I like to go into my Typepad account occasionally to see who is visiting our site. It gives you a list of page views along with the referring addresses. When the referring address is Google, it tells you what combination of search words landed the people on your site. Tonight I found out that the words, "hormone free poultry in Thailand", will direct you to none other than our little Year of Plenty blog. I imagine the person from New Zealand who typed in the words was a little disappointed. The funny thing is, hormone free chicken from Thailand actually fits within our rules. I may have to do some investigating.

This has got me thinking a little philosophically, wondering about the sum of our lives. If you take the details of our daily routines, string them together in random order, I wonder what comes out on the other side. Where do those details land us? We're learning this year that those details, when attended to, can take you to unexpected and very satisfying places.