"We have a crisis..."

TinfoilI asked Nancy what I should write about this morning and she said, "We have a crisis...", and went on to list all the things we are about to run out of or need to replace. Here's the list with the possible locally sourced or used replacement:

1. Tin  Foil - used plastic shopping bags
2. Saran Wrap - used plastic shopping bags
3. Sandwich Baggies - used plastic shopping bags
4. Cooking Spray - used and melted plastic shopping bags
5. Noel's jeans that all have holes in them - used plastic shopping bags
6. Nancy needs new running shoes - old running shoes lined with used plastic shopping bags
10. Used plastic shopping bags (We've been using green bags from Yoke's since the beginning of the year so our seemingly never ending supply of plastic shopping bags is quickly running out.)

This all raises the question, what did people do before plastic wrap and aluminum foil? Nancy says they used Tupperware, but I don't remember seeing Tupperware on the old episodes of Little House on the Prairie.

So here's today's year of plenty/want challenge; Give us some suggestions on replacing the above items.