Thanks to the Inlander and Spokesman Review

Newspaper_2Thanks to the Inlander and the Spokesman Review for your very generous articles on our little experiment. We started the year as a family trying to sort things out, and in a surprise gift, we now find ourselves part of an encouraging community of fellow travelers.

This turn of events has reminded me how important local media is to our community life in the Inland Northwest. Our local reporters and and editors are our storytellers. They reflect the character and voice of our lives in ways that USA Today and CNN could never hope to do. We are also unique in that the paper for the Spokesman goes from wood chips and shredded recycled paper, to pulp, to newsprint, right here in Spokane at Inland Empire Paper in Millwood. IEP also manages large areas of forest in the area that provide them with wood chips. Our paper couldn't get any more local.

So go buy a paper today or pick up an Inlander. They are telling our stories.