Potlatch Toilet Paper Saves Us From the Dreaded Corn Cob

TissueI have a weakness for bathroom humor so forgive me for two posts in one week on toilet paper. We did a little research and rumor has it that bathroom practices in America, before the innovation of toilet paper, included Sears catalogs, book pages, straw, hay, newsprint, and yes, corncobs. The folks at Potlatch Paper in Lewiston, Idaho have saved us from all that.

It turns out that in Spokane, Albertson's brand bath tissue, facial tissue, paper towels and napkins are from the Lewiston plant, as are the Safeway brand products. Roseauers will also carry Potlatch tissue products under the Western Family label starting July 1, 2008.

I'm learning that discoveries about locally produced commodities are not quite as fun as some of the others. It's hard to get excited about supporting a wholly owned subsidiary of a Real Estate Investment Trust like Potlatch Corp. But it is great, knowing that we're supporting residents of Lewiston by buying their paper and that it only had to be shipped 100 miles to get to us.

I wonder where the other stores get their tissue products? I wonder if they would also carry paper from Potlatch if Spokane residents let them know it's important to us?

Update: We got an email from the folks at Potlatch. They told us Fred Meyer and URM generic brands of bath tissue are also from Potlatch.