Dandelions for Dinner, "They Kind of Make You Perky"

Salad_2On February 20th we reported on our first flats of veggies and greens going into the greenhouse. A more seasoned gardener would already be harvesting their first crop of lettuce but, for now, the little shivering plants are under plastic, cursing me for putting them out in the garden too early. Because of my deficiencies at growing these new varieties, I decided to turn to a source of fresh spring greens that I've proven I can produce year after year; dandelions. This crop is a good confidence builder for any gardener nursing his wounds from a fickle spring.

I wandered the yard and found a hidden bounty of the green serrated leaves. Dandelions are actually considered an herb in some quarters, with the roots having some medicinal value when dried and ground up. I was surprised to find that you can actually buy the seeds at online seed stores. Something to keep in mind should the need arise to exact revenge on your neighbor.

Saladthumb1I was on dinner duty tonight, so I took the greens and made a Spokavore Early Spring Salad with; mung beans from Moyie Springs, ID, matchstick carrots from John Duncan Produce in Greenacres, WA (available at Yokes) and dandelion leaves from cracks in the Goodwin's driveway. The true test was to see how the girls responded to having weeds on their plate. As the picture shows, it was thumbs up. Noel said, "It kind of has a zing to it." Lily commented, "It kind of makes you perky but its really good."

So there you have it. Put away the Round Up and get out the salad tongs.