Livin' La Vida Locavore

Willamette Week, in the Portland area, announces that SPIN classes are being held, and it has nothing to do with stationary bikes or obnoxious spandex pants. It stands for Small Plot Intensive Farming. Here's the description from the article:

SPIN, or Small Plot Intensive farming, aims to put underemployed yards and other plots of urban dirt to work growing astonishing quantities of fancy-pants greens, garlics and other gourmet grazing material. If you’re doing SPIN farming, you sell your products at farmers markets and restaurants; if you SPIN garden, you’re growing for family and friends...SPIN guide co-author Roxanne Christensen says SPIN’s greatest goal is to bust the mindset that says there are “places vegetables and fruit don’t belong.”

SPIN’s wee urban farms churn out grub at a breakneck pace. The veggies are selected, pushed, groomed, harvested—and almost instantly replanted—in relays. It’s the Olympic foot race of vegetable-development programs, with each raised bed passing the baton to the next crop like a championship 400-meter sprint team, year-round. The Philadelphia SPIN farm, using just a half-acre of land, grossed $68,000 last year and drew salad addicts to line up weekly for its unique mix of greens.

It actually sounds like a good workout. So strap on your Ipod, tune up the heart rate monitor, heck even wear those shiny black pants with the cushions on the bottom if you want, and get out there get spinning.