Our Little Truck Farm

Now that gardening season is in full swing it's hard to find the time to blog about what's been going on. Our only field trips have been out to the yard. So here is a progression of our garden from four years ago when we moved into our house. We had never grown a thing in our lives and the house we bought had a small veggie garden ready to harvest when we moved in. We decided to give it a try the next year and every year since it has gotten bigger. Nancy asked me what we do next year, now that the whole yard is a garden. Maybe next year we start leasing our neighbors' front yards to grow more veggies. We'll see. Here's our garden story in pictures.

Year 1 (August 2004) Thanks Anderson family for letting us harvest all your veggies.


Year 2 (Summer 2005)  Maybe we can expand it a little bit.


Year 3 (Summer 2006) You know what we really need is a rock wall and an herb garden.


Year 4 (Summer 2007) You know, we really need a greenhouse.


Year 5 (Spring 2008) You know, what we really need is a garden labyrinth.