My Kid Wants Asparagus in Her School Lunch

NoelmiiasparagusLast night after dinner, I observed an extraordinary exchange between Nancy and our 8 year old daughter. They were discussing school lunches, and I heard these word; "Mommy can I pleeeeease have asparagus in my lunch tomorrow."

This may be some kind of strange milestone in childhood development. Perhaps we should get ahold of a University and explore this unique moment in the history of child rearing. Maybe we should consult a psychologist and make sure we are not doing irreparable damage. It could be the early stages of some childhood dementia or delusions brought on by severe malnutrition.

I'm realizing that given our lifestyle changes I may need to adjust my usual parenting instincts for bragging and gushing about my kids. It may go something like this:

Fellow Parent: "My daughter has been accepted into the gifted program and wants to be an astronaut when she grows up."

Me: "How wonderful. Well, MY kid wants asparagus in her school lunch. Top that!"