Eat Local Challenge Spokane

I came across They describe last year's challenge to eat local for the month of September here. The emphasis last year was on canning and preserving foods for the winter. They have also done it other months. I think Spokane would benefit from a public collaborative effort like this. Here are some questions; If we were to do an eat local challenge for Spokane, what month would we choose? How would we go about pulling something like that together? What groups and individuals would need or like to be at the table for something like that? I think Spokane would really rally around it and it would provide a public space for Slow Food, Farmers' Markets, WSU Extension, local producers, etc. to work together and promote health in the community. Maybe the Spokesman Food section would be interested in a collaboration. Here's another example from Kansas City.

It's kind of a late start for this summer, so I would be inclined to think September would be the best option to give as much lead time as possible. What do you think? Who's interested?