Locavore Pendulum Begins Its Swing

PendulumThe advocates of efficiency are striking back at all this locavore hubbub here. I guess a bad experience of making orange sherbet ice cream will do that to you. He concludes:

...specialization is ruthlessly efficient. Which means less transportation, lower prices — and, in most cases, far more variety, which in my book means more deliciousness and more nutrition. The same store where I blew $12 on ice cream ingredients will happily sell me ice cream in many flavors, dietetic options, and price points. Whereas I am now stuck with about 99% of the food coloring I bought, which will probably sit in the cupboard until I die (hopefully not soon).

The irony to me is that he insisted on buying food coloring in the first place and is now complaining about a bunch of useless leftovers. My diagnoses is a failure of imagination, an inability to innovate life outside of the artificial orange parameters he's already functioning in. No doubt, if you want your ice cream to look and taste just like the store bought kind, there is no sense in making it at home. But if you are interested in doing something different, crafting something from scratch, than homemade ice cream is a wonderful and worthy endeavor.

He is correct though in pointing out that our current systems of production are ruthless. Today's tasteless, well traveled, chemically enhanced, mass produced tomato news is evidence of this.