Find Your Region's Food Tradition On This Map

Raftmap_3 This "Renewing America's Food Traditions" Map tells me we are in Pinyon Nut territory. Either that, or we're on the border of Salmon Nation. Now that the Salmon can't make their journey inland with all the dams, I'll probably haave better luck connecting with the Pinyon Nut food tradition. Personally I'd rather be in BBQ or Gator Nation, but you've got to bloom where you're planted.

Go here for the run down on Pinyon Nuts, also known as Indian nuts. As far as I can tell it's a wild pine nut. Looks like we'll have to add harvesting wild Pinyon Nuts to our annual pilgrimage of collecting huckleberries.

This reminds me that I want to add a trip to the Inchelium Indian reservation to learn about their food tradtions, especially the garlic that bears their name.

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