The Foodie Revolutionaries


Came across this revolutionary talking about her plans to bring change. She's got a black cap on, and has a serious "subvert the empire" vibe going on. And what is the tool of her subversion? Is she part of a network of eco-terrorists? Is she describing her group's plans to squirt ketchup on unsuspecting celebrities? Is she sharing about her experience getting arrested for storming the headquarters of an unjust mega-corporation? No. As she states, her dangerous idea is to get people to "eat real food." She says, "Food is the way of organizing our community...Any way you look at it, food is the key."

She must have read Heather Flores' book, Food Not Lawns. Heather emailed me and expressed interest in coming to Spokane this summer to start a local chapter of Food Not Lawns, and promote International Seed Swap Day of Action. Sounds like a good idea to me. Anyone else interested in helping organize the event? Free black foodie revolutionary beanies for everyone who helps.