Real Raspberries in Eastern Washington

RaspberriesI discovered real, big, juicy raspberries today. Not the usual small. limp ones typically grown around the Inland Northwest. Washington produces almost 95% of U.S. red raspberries, but it's the west side of the state with all its moisture and rich soil that have bragging rights on that. In talking to those at the markets around here who sell berries, and from my own experience, I've learned that Eastern Washington is just not a great place to grow raspberries. Too dry and too hot. I'll keep trying though.

If you want some real juicy ones, Mo and Martha Bereiter from Newport will have them for another week or so. I guess the altitude and cedar forests surrounding their place keep up the humidity enough to get great berries. They sell at the Millwood Farmers' Market on Wednesday 3-7pm and at the Humbler Earth market on Sundays from 10-2pm. They also sell huckleberries, mushrooms, and other great stuff.