A Weekend of Shopping Used In Spokane

TagIt's been a fun weekend of family outings. Yesterday we all ventured out to Greenbluff to pick apricots and strawberries at Walters, and raspberries at Hidden Acres. We punctuated the day by making raspberry jam and canning the apricots. Today we roamed the Spokane Valley for garage sales and Nancy stopped by Value Village while the girls and I ate lunch at our McDonalds replacement, Ron's Drive-In.

Our motivation this year has not been to save money although we are cheapskates at heart. We haven't really tracked expenses to see if our year of used, local, homegrown or homemade is less expensive than last year. In light of this I thought it would be a fun exercise to itemize and add up our expenses for used goods and compare those to the prices for new. Below is the list.

Value Village Finds:
Used Dickies Jeans for Craig: $3.50 ($27.95 new at Cabela's)
Used/Like New Eddie Bauer Khakis: $9.99 ($40 new)
Used/Like New Zini Shirt: $14.99 ($40 guess)
Three Nice Used T-Shirts: $9 ($37.50 new from Land's End)
Levis' Bootleg Jeans for Nancy: $6.99 ($27 at Dillards)
Clarks' Artisan Leather Shoes for Nancy: $9.99 ($75 guess from looking at comparable shoes online)

Garage Sale Finds:
Mary Kay Make Up: $12 ($25 new)
Make-Up Brush Kit: $4 ($20 guess new) 
2 Used/Like New Beanie Babies: $1 ($12 new at ty.com)
WestBend Electric Wok: $1.50 ($69.99 at Target)
Candle from the Body Shop: $.50 ($12 at bodyshop.com)
Solo Plastic Cups: $.25 ($6 new)
Lilly Miller Vegetable Seeds: $.50 ($7.55 new)
Plastic Freezer Containers: free ($4.99 new)
Table Coth: $.50 ($10 new on the web)
12 Ball 8oz Jelly Jars: $2 (8.99 at Ace Hardware)
16 12oz Ball Jelly Jars: $3 ($15 online)

Grand Total for used: $79.71
Grand Total if purchased new: $438.97

I guess we're probably saving some money this year. Plus you get all that mid 80's ambiance of Value Village, and the fun of trying to figure out if it's a good garage sale based on the sign they put out.