My Mullet Haircut Feels Right at Home In 80's Loving Spokane

Craigmiimullet_4The dust has settled on most of our adjustments for the year, but there is one unsettled piece of the puzzle. I haven't quite figured out where to get my hair cut. It's really no big deal to me, but Nancy has some strong thoughts about how my hair should look. My instructions at the beginning of the year were that I wasn't allowed to go to the Millwood Barber, because in the past he has cut the back of my hairline too high, kind of old school. I'm most comfortable going to the chains, like Weldon Barber or Fanstastic Sams but that doesn't meet our local criteria. I'm not one to venture into random local hairstylists, and I hate making appointments so my initial response was to just not get my haircut. I guess that's why I've only had 4 haircuts in the last 7 months.

I finally decided to go back to the Millwood Barber and after a recent haircut Nancy once again reminded me that it was too high in the back, so when I went back yesterday I told him to leave it long in the back, but that I wanted the rest of it short. I didn't realize it at the time but I had instructed him to give me a mullet, and it's a fine mullet. Probably in the "business mullett" or Joel Osteen mullet category, but definitely recognizable to the discerning eye. So this morning after Nancy got a good look at it, she insisted on cutting the back of my hair. I explained I was only following her instructions. I'm going to keep it just to razz her. In fact I think I'll really grow it out and move it into the true Spokanite mullet category.

Spokane is an 80's loving town. I found out recently that Spokane has the #1 classic rock radio station in the country, 98.9. It also does a fine job appreciating 80's new wave, especially at Value Village, where I always feel like I'm stepping into a John Hughes movie. And if anyplace can appreciate a good mullet it's Spokane. I'm going to hunt around for that Prince Purple Rain concert T-shirt I got while in High School, buy some of those parachute pants I was always too reserved wear, and I'm gonna hit the town. If only I can get Nancy to wear her leg warmers, and feather her hair with a part down the middle.

UPDATE: I'm at the Rocket Bakery working on my sermon to the sounds of Huey Lewis and the News singing, "Heart of Rock-n-Roll..." Rock on Spokane.