The Garden Gnome Liberation Front Has A New Target In Spokane

Gardengnome_2One danger of going to garage sales and buying used  is that you invariably buy things that you never otherwise would even consider. For example, today I came across this adorable little garden gnome and I just knew we had to put him in the Year of Plenty Garden.

Here's a key passage from wikipedia on gnomes:

Garden gnomes are often viewed as "kitsch" and in poor taste. Gnomes have become controversial in serious gardening circles in the UK, and have been banned from the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show as the organisers claim that they detract from the garden designs. Gnome enthusiasts accuse the organisers of snobbery because they are popular in working class and suburban gardens.

So much for the Garden of the Month Contest. Nancy is pretty much in agreement with the kitschy part. She asked me if I could take it back to the garage sale. The girls and I shared a wonderful kitschy moment as we found just the right place for it.

While this is a big step in our gardening life, I will know that we've arrived when someone from the Garden Gnome Liberation Front steals it, or sends it traveling around the world.