Grand Champion Rutabaga and Other Milestones

RutabagaIn a year of unlikely twists and turns we've arrived at yet another strange, yet fulfilling accomplishment; Lily and Noel have captured the coveted Grand Champion prize for largest rutabaga at the Spokane County Fair. We'd like to thank our families for supporting us as we have worked tirelessly to accomplish our goals in root crops this year. We have made many sacrifices to get to this point but this makes it all worthwhile. We'd like to encourage everyone to pursue your dreams. Don't let the naysayers keep you from digging deep and growing vegetables you're not quite sure how to prepare and eat.

P.S. Don't tell me that just because we were the only rutabaga entered this year that it should be any less meaningful.

In other milestone news our little blog passed 20,000 pageviews today. Thanks for everyone who has encouraged us and supported us during our year.