Ratatouille Requiem for a Garden

Long time no blog post. Just a very busy time with work and family. We'll have to look to next summer for the Eat Local Challenge. Didn't quite materialize this year.

We continue to plug away with our consumption plan. The cracks are beginning to show in our resolve, but I think we'll make it for the most part. We continue to add kids to our walking bus route to school in the morning. I've gone from driving to work to riding my bike to walking. Not sure where to go from there, maybe crawling? Doing the centipede break dance style? I'll keep you posted.

The garden is done but we ended with a flourish. We canned 26 pints of garden sourced salsa (ingredients: 30 cups of tomatoes, 15 cups of green peppers, 15 cups of onions, 8 cups of jalapenos). We've got 20 lbs of green tomatoes in the garages and another 75 lbs of winter squash ready to store. The Painted Mountain Indian corn was a fun surprise when we opened the husks to find the brightly colored treasures inside. The grand finale was a delicious pot of Ratatouille, made with the end of garden peppers and summer squash. The girls and I watched the movie Ratatouille that night to commemorate the occasion.

I can say without a doubt that this has been the best season of food life for the Goodwin family. Nancy asked if we were going to do a smaller garden next summer. Noel protested, suggesting that we make it bigger.

In other news, rumor has it that there will be a winter farmer's market indoors at the Crossing Youth Center in Millwood on Wednesday afternoons. I'll keep you posted.