Mr. Obama, Tear Out This Front Lawn

So says foodie rock star Michael Pollan on a recent visit to Oberlin College, where he was greeted by "Omnivore's Dilemma" clutching groupies. It will be the "sustainable generation's" Berlin Wall.

Picture the White House lawn, a 17-acre triumph of petrochemicalfertilizers and pesticides. Now imagine five of those acres plowed into a garden where the first family pulls weeds and harvests snow peas for photo ops -- and then eats the peas for dinner.

It worked during World War II, when Eleanor Roosevelt farmed part of the first lawn, launching the Victory Garden movement that supplied 40 percent of the country's produce by the end of the war.

"This is something the next president can do. Imagine the power of that image -- CNN doing a stand-up with a farm in the background," author Michael Pollan said recently at Oberlin College's Finney Chapel.

"It will send a powerful message: Ripping out the front yard is OK."

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