Celebrate Buy Nothing Day Spokane - November 28

BuylessgivemoreIt's not Black Friday, it's Adbuster's "Buy Nothing Day." Here's their challenge:

As the planet starts heating up, maybe it’s time to finally go coldturkey. Take the personal challenge by locking up your debit card, your credit cards, your money clip, and see what it feels like to opt out of consumer culture completely, even if only for 24 hours. Like the millions of people who have done this fast before you, you may be rewarded with a life-changing epiphany. While you’re at it, what better time to point out real alternatives to unbridled consumption – and the climate uncertainty that it entails – by taking your BND spirit to the streets?

One of their suggested activities is to go out on November 28 and set up a booth offering to cut up people's credit cards for them.

Or if you can't shake the urge, buy local.