Hutterite Turkey for Thanksgiving

PloughpenWe ordered a turkey from Rocky Ridge Ranch this year for Thanksgiving. It was a heritage turkey, but Gary said it ended up being only a six pounder, so he got us one from his neighbors, the Hutterite colony in Reardan. So it will be a Hutterite turkey this year.

Visiting the Hutterite colonies west of Spokane has been one of the many destinations on our field trip list that hasn't happened this year. I'd be interested to see what they would say about this move towards local sustainable foods. They've been walking the walk for many years.

Each colony serves as a self-sufficient unit of up to 150 members. When they get bigger than that they divide up into two colonies. They imagine themselves as the ark in a lost world. That seems a rather apt analogy in the midst of our current economic apocolypse.

Happy Thanksgiving.