Predictions for 2009: Questions About Our Resourcefullness Will Be Answered

Came across this interesting site today. Sharon Astyk has offered her dire predictions for 2009. You can see them here. The passage that jumped out to me is her final prediction that even though things will be tough, we will adapt and discover in ourselves untapped capacities to thrive. We will begin to answer the question I posted here about Mica Peak Moonshiners and Our Legacy of Resourcefulness. In that post I asked;

Is this kind of resourcefulness, finding our way together in the midstof shared challenges, a lost capacity in our communities, or is it just dormant, waiting for conditions to arise that demand a creative and collective response? Do we have the ability to rise to the occasion, or are we a fragmented to the point of no return. I have my suspicions, but I wonder what you think.

Here is Sharon's beautifully written answer to my question;

Despite how awful this is, the reality is that not everything will fall apart.  In the US, we will find life hard and stressful, but we will also go forward.  People will suck a lot up and retrench.  It will turn out that ordinary people were always better than commentators at figuring out what to do - that’s why they stopped shopping even while people were begging them to keep buying.  So they’ll move in with their siblings and grow gardens and walk away from their overpriced houses, or fight to keep them.  Some of them will suffer badly for it, but a surprising number of people will simply be ok in situations that until now, they would have imagined were impossible to survive.  We will endure, sometimes even find ways of loving our new lives.  There will be acts of remarkable courage and heroism, and acts of the most profound evil and selfishness.  There will be enormous losses - but we will also discover that most of us are more than we think we are - can tolerate more and have more courage and compassion than we believe of ourselves.