Riblet Mansion, Arbor Crest and Other Spokane Area Wineries

Arborcrestweb2 I'm sure my view yesterday looking up at Arbor Crest Winery's flagship property in the Valley was not nearly as good as their view looking down at me. The present Cliff House is better known as Riblet Mansion after Royal Riblet who built the house in 1924. At that time it had a Tramway down to the river not far from where this picture was taken. Here's a historical vignette from Clyde Clark, a longtime Valley Resident who I did a memorial service for recently;

After inventor Royal Riblet perched his ‘‘Eagle's Nest," on the cliff above the Spokane River in 1925, Clark said he and his friends discovered they could reach the bottom cable of the tramway from the tallest rock in the Spokane River. They would shake the cable until it smacked against a building at the top of the cliff. When Riblet came out to holler and cuss at them, Clark said they would jump down to hide behind the rock.

Millwood Presbyterian has held an Easter Sunrise service at the property since the 40's. I have high regard for James van Loben Sels and his family who own and operate Arbor Crest Winery. They have some great concerts there in the summer, make quality wines and they are local. If you're going to bring wine to a Christmas gathering this week, keep it local. Go here for a directory of Spokane Area Wineries. There are plenty to choose from.