Visit to a Thai Market

We arrived in Thailand safely and are having a great time with Nancy's friends in Bangkok. We went to a Thai market yesterday and it was fascinating. The scenes and smells were otherworldly. We wanted to a avoid the touristy spots so we went north about an hour outside of Bangkok near Nakorn Prathom, to a local market on the river. We were the only "farang", or white people, of the huge crowd roaming the skinny aisles.

The food items all look like alien creatures from a Benicio Del Toro movie. Jack Fruit are pictured above, huge spiky melons with infinite unfolding pieces of flesh inside. The air is filled with the smells of steaming fried fish, roasted duck, pickled bamboo shoots, and pungent sweet fruit. Personal PA systems abound, with blind beggars walking the center of the aisles singing to music playing from a boombox hanging from their neck and merchants selling whole roasted ducks with the cadence of an energetic auctioneer.

On the drive back from the market through the heart of Bangkok I couldn't help but notice the pickup trucks with beds stacked with fish and others with fresh vegetables. Food is everywhere here. Oh to be a locavore in Bangkok.


Market4 Market5