This blog feels a little bit like a garden at the end of the season. Every year I've grown a garden I always sort of crater at the end of the process. After obsessing and being attentive to every square inch for months on end, I find that I lose interest for awhile. I wouldn't say I get sick of it, but I definitely take a break. The wind blew the latch off the top of the greenhouse a couple of months ago and I still haven't reattached it. I haven't looked at my seed packets for months. My seed starting trays are gathering dust.

But I can sense the Spring beckoning me. Before long I'll have the greenhouse humming with heat and tender leaves. I'll sort and resort my seed packets like I used to do with my baseball cards in 3rd grade, organizing them in all kinds of different ways. I'll plant way too many tomato plants way too early.

So for now the blog is a bit like a fallow garden waiting for hints of a new season to compel activity.