The $12 Dollar Pumpkin Seed

Pumpkin This will be the third year of trying to grow a giant pumpkin at the Goodwin house. Our first year landed us an 80 pounder. We were feeling pretty good about that. We got third place in the kids division. Our goal last year was the break the 100 lb barrier but because of the late onset of summer, the hail storm and a genetic predisposition to crowd plants, out largest pumpkin was less than 50 lbs. Funny thing is, the girls moved up into second place in the kids competition and even got a plaque from a local garden club. I guess it was tough all over last year for pumpkinophiles.

This year we're taking it to the next level. I've decided we need some better genetic material to start with so I went online and bought a seed from the pumpkin pictured above. It's a 1075 lb pumpkin and winner of the Clarence Pumpkin Festival weigh off in 2008. Notice that I said "seed" not "seeds". That one seed cost me $12. I can even tell you that the mommy pumpkin for the one pictured above was 1231 lbs and the Daddy was 1041 lbs. So let's just hope we can get the thing to germinate. Better yet let's hope we can grow a monster pumpkin and sell the seeds for $12 each.