Chicken Coop Plans

Cooppic I Went on Google Sketchup and put together a design for our chicken coop. You need 4 feet/bird on the inside portion and 10 feet/bird for the run, or outside portion. It's 5'x12'. The chickens are growing fast so I'll really go at it this week and try to get a good bit of it done. The best site I found in my research was We bought the chicks at Big R. You can order them online at McMurrays.

Spokane has a chicken coop tour put on by Slow Food Spokane River that's coming to the West Valley of Spokane this summer starting in Millwood. If you know of any good coops in West Valley let me know and I'll pass the info on to the organizers. If we can get our coop together maybe we can be a tour stop.

Here's the info on last year's coop tour. Here's the link to the Spokesman Review article from last year. You need "premium" access to read the whole article.

While I'm thinking about it, let me just say I think its a huge mistake for the Spokesman to hide it's article archive behind a firewall. Why don't they hide them for a week if they are worried about people canceling the print version. But I doubt they make much money because they have decided to hide a year old article on a chicken coop tour. Aggressive online advertising and opening up everything is the way to go. The new site is a step in the right direction.