Things You See While Walking

Since the weather has improved we've starting walking to school and work again. Noel and I even walked from church back home last Wednesday when Nancy forgot we didn't have a car. We've got the barbed wire scrapes to prove it. Last year's life with one car forced us to get creative with transportation and walking the kids to school in the morning and then literally going the extra mile to work was one of our best discoveries. It provides precious time with the kids, we get to pet the dogs along the way and we get some exercise. It also gives me time to reflect.

I've started bringing my camera with us and I'm keeping an eye out for items of interest along the way. It's amazing how many you see while walking that are invisible while driving by at 40 miles an hour or inaccessible because they are off the beaten path. I've posted below some of the things I've encountered in the two miles between out house and the church.

Graffitiweb Under the bridgeweb