"Spokane's Family Farm", A Spokane Area Dairy's Milk Now Available At Roseauers, Huckleberries and Yokes

Go here for a video report on KREM news. They are one week into selling in stores and here is the literal money quote from the farmer, "We sure have the interest, but now is when the rubber meets and road..." In other words, there is a lot of interest in local food, but can we build a business on that interest. Send a message this week that Spokane will support investment in local, sustainable, and healthy food systems and go buy a couple of gallons of Spokane's Family Farm's milk - bottled by Mike and Tricia.

Our journey last year showed us the maze of simply trying to find out where our food comes from. The industrial ag systems are not set up to provide this information. The beauty of this new opportunity is that it's a simply supply chain. Watch the video and you'll see what I mean.