Year of Plenty Blog to be Added to Site


I'm working with the folks as the site to add this blog to their family of blogs. After our year long experiment it was a little unclear as to what would happen with the blog in that it was intended to report on our experiences of following the the rules of consuming everything local, used, homegrown, and homemade. Many have asked if we're still doing that and the answer is yes and no. Many things we have carried with us but we're not quite as legalistic as last year's constraints required. We're enjoying avocados and bananas, and we've moved to a more regional definition of local, meaning that Tillamook cheese and Ivar's clam chowder from Costco are on the local food menu in the Goodwin house.

But things continue to evolve with chickens and community gardens and giant pumpkins. So we're marching on into the new year continuing old conversations from our experiment and beginning new ones. Here is the description that will go with the blog on DTE.

The Year of Plenty blog was created by Craig Goodwin in the winter of2008 to chronicle the experiences of his family as they sought to consume everything local, used, homegrown or homemade. That journey was a wonderful introduction to people and movements in the Spokane area who are seeking the welfare of the community through local foods, farmers markets, community gardens, sustainable transportation, and more fulfilling and just patterns of consumption. In 2009 and beyond the blog will continue to report on these relationships and practices, all through the eyes of a family with young children. Craig manages the Millwood Farmers' Market, is a Master Food Presever and Pastor at Millwood Presbyterian Church.

I will continue this Typepad site independently from the DTE version but the content going forward will be identical for the most part. The hope is that this blog can draw new readers into the DTE efforts which I think are a great example of the Spokesman Review adapting and innovating new ways of doing business. And also that DTE will give the conversations on Year of Plenty more visibility as I seek the welfare of the community through the blog.

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