Uh Oh! Locavores Get Their Own Reality TV Series

Go here for the scoop on a Canadian TV series that follows the experiences of some families that commit to the 100 mile diet. Alisa Smith and James Mckinnon, authors of the "100 Mile Diet" ("Plenty" is the title in America), are the hosts. Probably coming to a Food Channel near you. I'm not sure if this is a sign of the broadening of the locavore movement or a sign of its demise. In other locavore news there is an IPod App that will tell you what food is in season in your area. Reality TV, IPod Apps, what's next? Maybe a Celebrity show - "I'm a Celebrity and I Want My Bananas" or "Foraging with the Stars" or "Celebrity  Apprentice - Farmers' Market" where the celebrities grow food, make crafts and then get in fights over taking each others stall sites and undercutting other vendors' prices.