Spokane Area Farmers' Markets Opening Day Schedule

Here's the 2009 Opening Day schedule for Spokane area Farmer's Markets. Go herefor that pickled asparagus recipe. It will give you a good excuse to buy a bunch of asparagus and help the farmers' get off to a good start. Remember that when you buy those tomato and pepper starts don't plant them until around June 1. May 15 is the traditional last freeze date but they'll just suffer in the cold if you put them out too early.

May 9 - Downtown Spokane Farmers' Market Saturdays -  8am - 1pm, May 9 - October

May 16 - Liberty Lake Farmers' Market - Saturdays, 9am-1pm, May 16 - October 17

May 20 - Millwood Farmers' Market - West Valley, Spokane, Wednesdays, 3-7pm, May 20 - September 30. Remember that there is construction on Argonne to if you are traveling south turn right on South Riverway just after crossing the bridge. If you are traveling north on Argonne turn left at Grace just before it narrows to one lane. Better yet avoid Argonne altogether and turn north on Vista off of Trent at Big R and turn east on Euclid directly after passinng over the railroad tracks.

June 4 (I need to confirm this start date) South Perry Farmers' Market - South Hill, Spokane, Thursdays, 3-7pm, June-September

June 10 - Downtown Spokane Farmers' Market Wednesdays- 8am - 1pm, June - October

Humble Earth Farmers' Market - Opening some time in June, North Spokane, Sundays, 10am - 3pm