The View From Your Garden

Andrew Sullivan the uber-blogger has a series on his site called “The View From Your Window” where he invites readers of the blog to send in pictures of their view from a window. It has become a staple of his blog and provides a fascinating perspective of people’s lives from around the world. I’d like to propose a much more humble version of this concept, called “The View From Your Garden.” I spent a good bit of blog space last year sharing about our journey of tearing up our lawn and putting in a vegetable garden. I’d like to open it up for the readers of Year of Plenty and the DTE series of blogs to submit photos of the view from your garden. Show us your veggies and flowers as they evolve through the growing season.  I’ll take your shots and share them on the blog through the summer. Just make sure to let me know what part of the Inland Northwest or other region your gardening in. For example, don’t just say “Spokane”, instead say “downtown Spokane” or “Latah Valley” or “South Hill.” Send your pictures via the "email me" link listed to the right.

If you want some inspiration you can go here to Mark Turner’s collection of garden pics from Pat Munts’ gardening site.