Regulations on Cow Burps Stripped From Legislation

A friend signed me up to receive the Ag Weeklynewsletter out of Twin Falls, Idaho. So every week I get a bunch of Ag industry news in my email inbox. As someone who has looked at the food conversation primarily from the consumer's perspective, it has been a real education to get a window into the farmer/producer's world. For those of us who want to engage our local food system from the consumer side, I think it's important to raise awareness of life on the farmer/producer side.

Here's todays headline: EPA Livestock Tax on Methane Emissions Blocked. As the article explains,

Late last week, the House Appropriations Committee adopted the Tiahrt Amendment preventing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating livestock as a greenhouse gas source.

It looks like it's an end around maneuver to bring livestock emissions uner the Clean Air Act and regulate them as greenhouse gases. I don't have any great insights other than to say I had no idea until I got my Ag Weekly newsletter. In other random ag news, Warm Weather Improves Potato Condition.