Garden Picnic and Nasturtium Tacos

We gathered for a picnic at the center of the garden labyrinth on Sunday. I've planted edible nasturtiums as the ring around the middle this year. We were enjoying our stoplight salad as filling for our tortillas. I wasn't quite hungry enough to fill another tortilla so on a whim I grabbed a large nasturtium leaf and filled with the tangy salad mix and ate it like a taco. It was amazing. We all tried it and the girls loved it. That's part of the fun of having an edible garden.

I've discovered some edible weeds this year as well. Lamb's quarters is a nice one. Make sure you don't get it mixed up with poisonous nightshade. I've heard rave reviews about purslane including it's health benefits (i.e. Purslane contains more Omega-3 fatty acids than any other leafy vegetable plant.) but it is kind of slimy in my opinion. It's also the most invasive weed in our garden with every little leaf that get's knocked off forming a new plant. Next up on the menu, calendula, the poor man's saffron.