McGlade's Bistro & Wine Bar on the North Side of Spokane Under New Ownership

This is a little far afield from my usual blogging fair but I couldn't resist the idea of beating David Blaine to the scoop on a local Spokane restaurant shake-up. Nancy and I headed out to McGlade's Bistro and Wine Bar foran anniversary desert. We had a nice drink and pastry but noticed that the grocery section of the store, that has featured local produce from Greenbluff in the past, was boxed up and the coffee shop couches had been moved. We asked our waitress what was up and she explained that there is a new owner as of the beginning of the week. The new owner is also the chef. Can't remember her name. Our waitress said that changes were coming but couldn't be specific about the changes other than the fact that the grocery section would be going. Sounds like the fruit stand turned coffee shop/fruit stand turned wine bistro will probably be looking more like a traditional restaurant, which isn't surprising with a chef as an owner.

I wish them well. It's a nice facility with an interesting location on the north side to the west of Greenbluff on Day Mt. Spokane Rd.