Year of Plenty Photo Featured in "View From Your Window" Coffee Table Photo Book


I snapped this picture when we were visiting a Palaung Village near Chiang Dao, Thailand. I submitted it to Andrew Sullivan's blog and it was posted in January as part of their "View From Your Window" series. They've taken the series and turned it into photo book and it looks like the above photo made the cut and will be featured in the print version. I haven't received confirmation from them but a photo from a Palaung Village in Thailand is listed in the book's contents. I'm assuming I was the only one to submit a picture from that location.

It was almost exactly a year ago that I purchased my first SLR type camera and since then I have been self-teaching myself the art of photography and photo editing. I do love it and it is kind of exciting to have one of my pics published. As much as I love the web, there is something about having it in print that is very satisfying. I ordered my copy today. Please bear with me if I make you look at it when you visit the house. And just to warn you, I may carry the book around for awhile and just show it to complete strangers saying, "Hey did you know I'm a published photographer?" You've been warned.