Happy "Thank You Farmers and Ranchers Day"

This just in from Governor Gregoire in Olympia:

Whereas, the holiday season is a time to be thankful for America's abundant supply of safe, wholesome and affordable food; and

Whereas,Washington's farmers and ranchers produce the food that nourishes our bodies and serves as the centerpiece for family gatherings and holiday celebrations; and

Whereas 39,000 farming families across Washington contribute to the economic vitality of small towns and urban centers, growing nearly $8 billion in crops and livestock in 2008; and

Whereas, agriculture continues to make valuable contributions to the cultural, social, and environmental heritage of our community;

NOW THEREFORE, I, Christine O. Gregoire, Governor of the state of Washington, do hereby proclaim November 20, 2009 as

"Thank You Farmers and Ranchers Day"

in Washington State, and I urge all citizens to join me in supporting our farmers by enjoying Washington-Grown foods throughout the holiday season.

They could have made it a little more catchy. Like, "Hug Your Farmer and Rancher Day" or "Our Farmers Are Way Better Than California's Farmers Day" or "Sorry For Buying All of Our Produce and Meat From Wal-Mart Day". Maybe next year.