Spovegan responds to "Is Vegan the New Locavore?" and cracks me up with Moses and "The First Annoying Vegan"

Go here for Spovegan's thoughtful response to my post. The accompanying comic strip copied above is hilarious.I suppose manna in the wilderness would be vegan approved so at least they had 40 years.

Here's the gist of her response:

The approach that Spokane Vegans takes is very much in line with my ownphilosophies on veganism. We strive to foster a dialogue on veganism in the community while promoting respect for all earthlings and have fun doing it. To me it just doesn't make much sense to talk about compassion for animals if that same compassion and respect is not extended to the intended audience.

And she's invited anyone interested to the Spokane Vegans next potluck. We just missed the November event so maybe December.