Random Food Tip: Use the Shark brand Thai sriracha sauce, not Huy Fong brand


NOT Huyfong

One of our discoveries from Nancy cooking Thai food all the time is how much better Shark brand sriracha sauce is than the "rooster sauce" that's so common in restaurants and in the grocery store. Most of the sriracha (pronounced sreeracha) consumed in America is the brand made by Huy Fong in Rosemead, California pictured to the right above. If your into Thai food or looking for a hot sauce go with Shark brand pictured to the left.

The thai food web site www.importfood.com says it well:

This is our favorite sriracha saucebecause it's one of the original classics that's been sold for years in Thailand. Made in the Sriracha region of Thailand. It's the real thing--what the Thai people eat--and it's all natural without preservatives or artificial colors. Shark brand has a good mix of chile heat, and sugar/garlic/vinegar overtones to make it tangy and a bit sweet.

You can buy it at the Importfood site or it's available at Oriental Market in Spokane. It will make those winter dishes of beans and squash soar with flavor and those boring burritos will come alive. Seriously, don't waste one more day eating average chili sauce.

And if you're feeling adventurous try sweet chili sauce. It's amazing with chicken and rice and is our top secret basting sauce for BBQ salmon.