A Web Site Worth Checking Out: www.good.is

I stumbled across www.good.istoday, full of interesting perspectives and provocative ideas about the environment, food, etc. Check out the magazine version too, Good 100. Of the Good 100 here are a few that jumped out to me.

The Crap Caper in Chicago where a someone is surreptitiously hoarding human waste to compost and turn into garden soil. It will be interesting to see how all the trace amounts of Prozac and Viagra in the waste effect the plants. I'm sure all those crazy giant pumpkin growers have already tried various medications on their pumpkins so maybe they'll have some insights.

There's an article on reducting cow emissions titled Moothane Reduction - "What no one thought to ask until now is, why are the cows burping so much? The answer, unsurprisingly, turns out to be their diets. When cows are fed plants like alfalfa—plants more closely related to the grass they would naturally eat—their emissions are reduced by as much as 30 percent."

And an inspiring story about Will Allen and an organization called Growing Power that farms 2 acres of downtown Milwaukee, producing $200,000 worth of food each year that helps feed the city.

Here's the list of Spokane folks who were way ahead of me in discovering this cool web community.