High School Students Threaten to Boycott Unhealthy School Lunches

Some students at a Medford, Mass. High School are threatening a protest of their school food.

More than 400 students have pledgedon Facebook to boycott the food next week, even as schools Superintendent Roy Belson insists that it is healthy.

“We are fighting for multiple reasons, the greatest of which is the right to a safe and healthy lunch,’’ junior Zac Bears wrote on a Yahoo chat forum.

“The lunches now are unhealthy and are unsafe for the students that purchase them. It is unfair that the school system is allowed to sell food to the students that includes meat that [supermarkets] are not permitted to sell due to FDA restrictions.’’

Is it just me, or are High School students today way more mature than 1980's vintage students.

I'm trying to think what Facebook protests my friends and I would have threatened when I was in High School. Maybe an acid washed jeans protest both for fear of exposure to chemicals used to make the jeans and for the life-long damage caused by prolonged exposure to really bad fashion.