Pope Uses New Year's Address to Say God Wants You to Go Green


Picture: Robin amidst the branches of a 100 year old Ponderosa.

I don't understand Catholic polity and the structures of church government but I sure do resonate with a lot of Catholic theology. For example, the Pope used his New Year's address to emphasize the importance of caring for the environment as integral to the work of peace.

"Nevertheless, in this moment, I would liketo underline the importance of the choices of individuals, families and local administrations in preserving the environment..."

"An objective shared by all, an indispensable condition for peace, is that of overseeing the earth's natural resources with justice and wisdom."

I think the Pope is really onto something in connecting peace to environmentalism. So many conflicts around the world are driven by issues of the environment. From oil in the middle east to pollution in China to drought in Africa.

I also agree with the pope when he connects respect to the environment to respect for people. Concern and caring for the environment for me is at its heart a care and concern for people.