The State of the Inland Northwest and Spokane Blogosphere

I was chagrined to find out yesterday that David Blaine is closing his blog, "From the Back Kitchen" where he has kept us all abreast of local restaurant news, especially the running tab of restaurant closures. I would put David among the deans the Spokane blog scene so I think it's noteworthy. We probably need someone to start a blog to keep tabs on all the cool Spokane area blogs that close down.

You type in Spokane Blogs to Google and at the top of the heap is Spokane Food Blog, a worthy position for an important Spokane blog. Then the Spokesman blog page get's a mention. But after that there is an abyss of rotting blog flesh. You've got a link to a Spokane Blogging RSS feed that has been defunct since 2008. Then Spokane Food Blogs old and now defunct blog, iluvspokane, is listed. Then you've got Spokurban, vintage 2006, and some other random stuff. Either Spokane bloggers aren't very good at optimizing their blogs for Google searches or our blogoverse needs a little boost.

Toward that end, I want to put a shout out for your list of the best Spokane/Inland Northwest blogs. I'll follow it up with a post and optimize it so that hopefully when people search for Spokane blogs they'll get a current list.

Here's my list in no particular order:

Spokane Food Blog
Cycling Spokane
From the Back Kitchen (maybe if enough people rally we can get David to keep going)